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Paul Downs Custom Furniture - Featured Testimonial | Paul Downs Cabinetmakers


Paul Downs Custom Furniture – Featured Testimonial

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Mt. Weather Table - Featured Testimonial

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I have no words to tell you how incredibly thrilled everyone is with this table! It is the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I have ever seen in 26 years in this industry! I really wished I could take pictures of it but that is against the law at this site, unfortunately. It did not even require tools to put together – the installers and I were absolutely amazed!

Additionally, I have to complement the installation team you and InstallNet sent – they were the most professional and friendly guys I have worked with. I have worked with many contract install companies in my years and I am always hesitant when working with a crew that is not my own guys. This was an absolute pleasure!

Thank you so very much and Angela and I will recommend you to every design firm and architect firm we come across that are looking for custom woodworking!!

S. Ervin


Mt. Weather Logo - Featured Testimonial

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