Innovative Office Table Concepts

University of Calgary Standing Table

Innovative Office Table Concepts from Paul Downs Cabinetmakers including Standing Tables, A/V Integration, Size, Shape, Video Conferencing, Mixed Materials and More!

Recently, we posted a story on our social media pages about the varying degrees of office concepts and some new and innovative office logistics. Many designs featured a new take on ergonomic office ideas. Ergonomists agree that a taller stool or chair can increase productivity and core strength as they recruit muscles to positively influence better posture and make employees more engaged in their work.
Like the large rubber stability ball of a few years ago, the standing stool or the ‘active sitting’ chair has taken workplaces to new heights – and the desks and tables have to rise along with it.

Because Paul Downs is a custom conference table manufacturer, we are keenly aware of all new office design concepts and office design. From building custom shaped tables to match our clients exact room specifications, to providing technology and communication services built into our product, Paul Downs is proactively innovating to meet the design demands of our clients.  You can see some of the many designs and concepts here.

A few weeks ago, we make a table for the University of Calgary in this new higher-height design mode. The circular table was 144” by a height of 36” as opposed to a normal desk or table height of 30”. This specially designed Sapele and Corian table also boasted of a Wilsonart Chalkboard paint along the outside edge.

The University had a certain idea and custom design in mind and Paul Downs delivered!

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