January Feature – Rosewood Projects

We’ve been highlighting some of our favorite projects made with Bolivian Rosewood. When we say, Custom Is What We Do, these are some of the tables we mean!

We can recommend many different base options, edge options, power and data options, size and shape options, logo options and yes, even materials options to create your perfect custom office furniture piece.  Whether you need a 40ft conference table for your minimalist high-rise office, durable and beautiful modular tables to seat 6 or 26, or an entire meeting room suite with credenza, lectern, and classic meeting table, we’ve got you covered!

Bolivian Rosewood Project Gallery

We work with major product suppliers and fabricators to make sure the table you envision is the one that graces your meeting space. Take a look at the gallery of just a few of our Rosewood projects and then give us a call!

If you haven’t already, please look through our gallery of custom conference tables. You can choose any of these designs as a starting point for your project, or you can submit your own designs. For help designing your custom conference project, contact us today at 610-239-0142 or info@pauldowns.com.