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Ebonized tables

A recent customer was looking for a brand new conference table for her expanding office. She had called us but she was hesitant.  As she described her current office – modern and bright with lots of windows, metal, chrome, and white accents – she related that wanted the durability and beauty of a classic wood office table but it had to match her decor.  She was about to give up her search when she called us.

Our solution? Try an ebonized table.  

“Ebonize” is a traditional term that furniture makers use to describe a table made of wood with a black finish.  There are several ways to produce this look but they are all designed to simulate Gaboon ebony, the wood traditionally used for piano keys.  Ebonized means that the wood has been dyed a very dark brown or black color and that the wood grain, or texture, is visible.

This is usually done during the finishing process. This finish is not expensive and looks great with leather, metal, or lighter wood accents. The possibilities are endless!  It’s a nice bridge between the traditional warmth of wood and the modern office aesthetic.  

When we took this recent caller to our website and she had a chance to see our line of Ebonized and mixed material tables, she was overjoyed.  We were able to design and build a classic wood table with Ebonized Oak and metal accents to match her office decor to give her the look she wanted.   

Have you been looking for a way to mix modern and traditional? Have a modern office but want a table with timelessness of wood?  Consider an Ebonized wood table from Paul Downs Cabinetmakers.  Get Inspired and check out our gallery on ebonized tables here.

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