Three Factors : A Guide to Paul Downs Pricing

Paul Downs Blog: Three Factors

“How Much Do Your Tables Cost?”

We must get this question 50 times per day! We love getting questions about our tables and we love talking to potential clients. Eventually though, all conversations turn to pricing. There are three factors that go into pricing a table……but we’ll get that in a moment. (To jump ahead to the pricing page, CLICK HERE)

In an effort to answer this question, we have added this basic guideline to our website. Remember though, Paul Downs is a custom office furniture manufacturer.  We make every table, podium, lectern, credenza, desk (and many more items) to our client’s exact specifications.  Our made-to-order items are specific to each and every room, concept, detail, and client.  So, to speak with someone about your project, give us a call!

Alright already! Seriously, how much do your conference tables cost?

Pricing is driven by three factors:  Size, complexity, and materials.  Large tables and complicated designs take longer to build, and cost more, than smaller and simpler tables.  Material costs vary depending on whether the table is made of wood or laminate, and what power/data units are used.

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