Found Blog: A Letter from an 18th Century Cabinetmaker

Oftentimes when reading history, we can come to value the present. Last week, we came across this blog on Lost Art Press and were fascinated by the amazing work, highlighted by the photos in the article, but also the secrecy, mystery, and history told in the letter left behind. It is the short story of Jacob Arend, a journeyman cabinetmaker in Germany in the early 1700’s.

We have included the first paragraph from the blog but we encourage you to go and read the entire blog for yourself.  It’s a fun spotlight into the past!

Jacob Arend Letter

Jacob Arend letter written in 1716. Arend was a journeyman cabinetmaker.

Rendering for Paul Downs Cabinetmakers

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“In late October 1716 Jacob Arend, a journeyman cabinetmaker, was 28 years old and at a crossroads. He and his fellow journeyman, Johannes Witthalm, had recently finished work on a writing cabinet. They both worked for Servacius Arend, Jacob’s older brother and the cabinetmaker to the court of Würzburg in Germany. The writing cabinet was a masterpiece but Jacob felt the need to write a letter and conceal it in the cabinet. He made sure it would not be easily found and he was very successful in this endeavor. The letter was not found until December 1967 and it wasn’t until 2014 that the letter was translated and studied…”

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