Unusual Shapes and Sizes

Rooms come in an infinite variety of sizes and shapes and so should your table! From very large rounds to U and V shaped tables, polygons to partial arcs and committee tables – we’ve done them all. Do you need a custom solution for your oddly shaped, sized, or otherwise hard to fit conference room? We can help you bring harmony and flexibility to your office.

odd shape and size

Create Harmony

Custom dimensions are often the only way to achieve your goal of a cohesive conference room. An odd shape or size conference room can seem off balance with a table that’s too small or wide for the space. We also understand that the room itself isn’t the only obstacle; we’ve encountered our fair share of small doorways and winding staircases. Our one-off manufacturing efficiency means that no solution is impossible – large conference tables that still fit in your elevator, small conference tables that fold for storage, extra narrow conference tables. We build sizes and shapes you won’t see in any catalog. Why compromise? Get the table you need, not the one you have to settle for.

odd shape and size

Flexible Options

We can also help you maximize the value of your unique conference room by increasing the number of functions it serves with reconfigurable tables. The flexibility of modular tables allows more configurations – videoconferencing, training, dining, and more. Our designers will show you all the different ways your space can be put to use. In the example below an awkwardly shaped room is now flexible and multi-functional. We achieved this solution through our one of a kind Design to Delivery process. We pay attention to not only the odd shape and size of the room but the function of the room and the types of users.

odd shape and size

Turn a difficult room into a showpiece! An unusual shape or size doesn’t have to limit the visions you have for your conference room. We suggest solutions that provide the best functional and aesthetic use of space while working within your budget. We’ll put our experiences to good use when you contact us!

If you haven’t already, please look through our gallery of custom conference tables. You can choose any of these designs as a starting point for your project, or you can submit your own designs. For help designing your custom conference project, call us today at 610-239-0142 or email us info@pauldowns.com.