Height Adjustable Lecterns and Podiums

Paul Downs makes custom lecterns and podiums to match our tables. These pieces vary widely in complexity, configuration, and cost. We incorporate whatever custom features you need. Would you like a lectern with your company logo, with height adjustment, or one that incorporates wire runs, data units and microphones? We can help.

Here are a few examples from our archives. Use these as a starting point for your custom lectern project.

We know business professionals aren’t all the same height, which means one podium or lectern may not suit everyone. The standard size might be adequate for some users, but will be too tall or too short for others. At Paul Downs, we can create an adjustable height lectern or podium to please all.

We build our height-adjustable pieces so that they can be quickly raised or lowered. This makes it easy for the user to adjust. We’ll also incorporate whatever other features you need. Call us today to get started.