Mahogany Lecterns and Podiums

Paul Downs makes custom lecterns and podiums to match our tables. These pieces vary widely in complexity, configuration, and cost. We incorporate whatever custom features you need. Would you like a lectern with your company logo, with height adjustment, or one that incorporates wire runs, data units and microphones? We can help.

Here are a few examples from our archives. Use these as a starting point for your custom lectern project.

Mahogany means traditional elegance. Paul Downs makes custom lecterns and podiums from Mahogany and many other woods.

If you’re looking for a wood podium or lectern that’s crafted carefully and built to last, our experts are perfect for the job. We’ve been creating custom furniture since 1986 and still believe that the best pieces are made by hand with a mixture of modern and traditional techniques. Let Paul Downs create the perfect piece of furniture for your office.