Seamlessly conduct business without traveling

Are you re-thinking your ideas about business travel? Are you looking for ways to videoconference & telecommute while also highlighting your team & your brand?

Recent events have underlined the value of minimizing travel and exposing your workers to uncontrolled environments. But you still need to have meetings – what to do? Now is the time to take a look at your videoconferencing and telecommuting options. Do you have the right equipment to gather your team and present them to your clients? Our custom video conference solutions allow you to showcase your people and your branding. Take a look at some recent projects we’ve done:

Peak 8 Construction

modular teleconferencing table


AKA Designs

telecommuting conference table


AO1 Foundation

teleconferencing table with logo


National Library of Medicine

reconfigurable teleconferencing table


Endo Pharmaceuticals

large teleconferencing table



contemporary teleconferencing table



large teleconferencing table

We’d love to help you improve the workflow and increase the efficiency of your teleconferencing meetings. Our expert Design Engineers are terrific at listening to your needs – they seek to understand the function and use of not just the table the entire room. They’ll suggest solutions that provide the best functional use of space while working within your budget. Contact us today for help.

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